Brian Lawson

King of Riven, Uniter of nations, Loved by all, Went to Hell to slay demon lords & made it back.


Brian Lawson is human, dark brown hair (some gray) w/ eyes to match, of strong, slightly stocky build he stands a hair under 6 feet tall and weighs in at a deceiving 275.

His body is covered in hardened muscle or scar tissue, his gut is flat from age but hard still as it was the day he cut General Estabon Frans down in the mud at the Victory of Fort 42. (A deed he claims to this day was not his doing)

At first look his eyes are sharp and seem to be everywhere, shifting from object to action expertly; not as a bird of prey seeking a meal but as a dragon observing his hold, seeking nothing other than confirmation that his beloved objects are still both safe and his. It is not possible to meet his eyes without a feeling of inferiority, debt and shame washing through ones body fore deeper in his gaze are the emotional scars of experience, a silent confirmation that the rumors everyone assumes are so grandly exaggerated are not only true, but lacking.

He looks no older than a hard 60 however that cannot be true as his fame came over 130 years ago and his childrens children have children whom he adores and dotes on as any family head should do in their twilight.

When seen by his subjects he is always in functional but adorned leather armor with pointed square studs, runes on the buckles and shoulders confirm is magical abilities. The national colors of Riven are in the scaled apron to match the design of his two short swords, arquibus and tridagger set spanning his frame. As such Lawson is always ready for himself or those around him to be onset with war, a rare occurance for any associated with the Nation of Riven these days but needed or not the awareness and preparation for the horrible is simply part of who Lawson is.


Brian Lawson was a soldier of the Kenwood Army – Infantry & Recon division. Through mismanagement, rare though not unheard of in those days Kenwood army, he and another private – Kyle Masters – went AWOL. Warrants were issued for their arrest or murder and have technically never been revoked.

The pair went awol to investigate the arrival of a new ungoverned army that had been participating in raids on many of the unclaimed villages and townships populating the Giant Planes and quickly found themselves not only being hunted by the Kenwood army but also this newly formed unnamed Red Army. Brian had always believed that he would be great one day but the abandoning of his duty weighed hard on his heart, his greatness as he had always seen it was to gain fame like Estaban Franc and one day take ownership of the throne of Kenwood, by force if needed. However now he had strayed far from that, he would have to take the throne as an invader, a traitor and that, while still acceptable, would just take longer. Investigation into the Red Army offered another path to becoming a King. With money gained from adventure and spoils Lawson built a band of men which turned into a brigade of skilled mercenaries and killers.

In the three years it took him to build his army and fight back the Red Army Kenwood had not been asleep, they had also recognized the threat of the Red Army but also of Lawsons Brigade and were prepared to take both down if they got to close. Well too close was got and the final battle of armys happened at the notorious Fort 42. Three armys clashed, 3 generals spilled blood but in the end Lawson stood victorious, his estranged friend but not ally Kyle Masters responsible for slaying Franc, a deed that will forever rest on Lawsons shoulders.

Lawsons quest for those behind the Red Army devastation lead him to party with other heroes of note, Tyr Nalo the Elven King & Master Bladesinger, Victor Frisk a Half Orc Fighting Wizard, Sir Gunther the Great & Belinda McBride (whom later wed Lawson) into the depths of Infernus to set about the plans architects. A devil known as Hurizaad had forced a manipulative lesser nobleman to manage the Red Army and the other needed political machinations the tear the Kenwood Kingdoms apart while he prepared an army of devils to help capture the land at its weakest. Lawsons desire to rule the lands was great it seemed the Hurizaads and in the end while it was Gunther who was laid the devil to rest and a group effort that finished Berrywyn the highest honors went to soon to be king that day. A collection of wizards and Paladins would be expected to tromp through infernus to right some wrong but Lawson never ascended to more than a savy warrior with a reliance on magical & alchemical trinkets and the only other human to come back was Belinda, after a Resurrection from Gunther.

Lawson returned to a waiting army and numerous destroyed nations and towns, Kenwood while eager to see Lawson punished for his betrayal was in no shape to chase him across the continent to do so. The citystates around Crossroads were rebuilt and aligned under a trade comity, all members owing much of their wealth and status to Lawson (some even from his old brigade). The old lands which had not been united under a ruler in centuries were claimed by Lawson and within 5 years a military patrolled his vast lands and watch forts, a tactic used by Kenwood, were errected on all borders. The secret of gunpowder was his and his alone and when his charm, fame & honor did not win him alliances the political and military power of this new alchemy did.

He fathered 5 children with Belinda over the next 20 years but non since, its suggested that the couples magically enhanced youth is not as comprehensive as wizards claim it to be.

His children are as follows…

Kyle Lawson – Male – Traveler, unknown if still alive.
Lydia Lawson – Female – Cleric of the Order of the Light, retired, 3 children
- (M) Tidarius Lawson of House Hurain – Paladin of the Light
- (F) Eliana Geurring – Married with no children to a knight
- (M) Able Hurain – Killed in a duel by Togar Lenton, a Kens Noble

Brian Lawson

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